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William Freke, Esquire
Hampshire, England
County Cork, Ireland

William FREKE, Esquire, bapt 24 Apr 1577, son of Robert FREKE, Esquire (See Chapter 1, #1-8 of the Frakes Genealogy).
    William married Ann SWAINE, daughter of Arthur SWAINE, Esquire of Sarcen, Hampshire, England. She died in Ireland.
    They lived in Hampshire.
    They moved to Ireland, near the city of Cork.

Children of William and Ann (SWAINE) FREKE, Esquire:

1. Arthur FREKE. (See Arthur FREKE, Knight following)

2. Judith FREKE, baptized 21 Sep 1605, Sareen, England.
    Judith married John HARDING of Woolcomb, Dorset, England.

3. William FREKE, born 1606, Sareen, England.
    William married ___?___ HAYS of Scotland.

4. Elizabeth FREKE, born 1607, Ockford, England.

5. Robert FREKE, born 1609, Ockford, England.

He married ___?___ FIELDING of Yorkshire, England.

6. Thomas FREKE, born 1610.

7. George FREKE, born in Cerne, England.

8. Ann FREKE, born 6 Jan 1613, Cerne, England
    Ann married Francis FINCH near Yohall, Ireland.

Children of Francis and Ann (FREKE) FINCH:

8-1. Mary FINCH,

8-2. Judith FINCH,

8-3. Catherine FINCH,

8-4. Deborah FINCH,

9. Alice FREKE, born 1613. Died 1617. Buried at Cerne.

10. John FREKE, born 11 Jun 1615.
    John married Mary (BERNARD) POOLE in Ireland. (See #10 following)

11. Margaret FREKE, born 14 Jan 1616.
    Margaret married John DENNET of Ockford Fitzpain, Ireland.
    She had no children.

12. Mary FREKE, born 15 Aug 1618, Cerne, England.

Sir Arthur Freke, Knight
Castle Freke, County Cork, Ireland

Sir Arthur FREKE, Knight,, born in England, son of William and Ann (SWAINE) FREKE, Esquire (See William FREKE, Esquire above).
    Arthur married Dorothy SMITH, daughter of Sir Piercy SMITH, Knight (Percy SMYTH) of Youghall. Dorothy also had a brother named Sir Percy SMYTH of Ballynatray.
    Moved to Ireland with, his father, William FREKE, Esquire.
    He had Castle FREKE, County Cork, Ireland. Photo at right.
    The castle is about three miles from the town of Rosscarbery. The original medieval fortress was erected in the 1400's by Randal Oge BARRY. It was the most westerly stronghold for the powerful Norman family of BARRY. The BARRY family held vast areas of County Cork from Midleton to Rosscarbery.
    In 1602, the castle ws surrendered to Elizabethan forces in accordance with the Treaty of Kinsale. It was regranted to David BARRY. David died in 1616 and his grandson, David BARRY, inherited the castle.
    In 1641, David BARRY sold Rathbarry Castle in County Cork, Ireland to Sir Arthur FREKE.
    In 1642, the Rathbarry Castle was beseiged by an Irish force led by the McCarthy Clan, who had already taken Ross. The siege lasted ten months. Help arrived under the leadership of Sir Charles VAVASOUR and Captain JEPHSON. All of those who had taken refuge in the castle were taken to saftey to the nearest walled town of Bandon. The castle was burned to prevent the McCarthy Clan from making use of it.
    The FREKE family eventually returned to their holdings and built a new castle about 1/4 mile from the original Rathbarry Castle. It was situated with a view of Rosscarbery Bay and the coastline. This one was named Castle Freke.
    A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland - 1837, Vol. 2, has, "RATHBARRY, a parish, in the barony of IBANE and BARRYROE, county of CORK, and province of MUNSTER, 4 miles (W.S.W.) from Clonakilty, on the road from Cork to Skibbereen; containing 2748 inhabitants. This place, which is situated on the southern coast, derives its name from an ancient for, of which ther are still some picturesque remains in Lord Carbery's demesne. This fortress, anciently called Rathbarry, now Castle FREKE, was erected in the 15th century by Randal Oge BARRY, and in 1602 was surrendered to Capt. HARVEY for Queen Elizabeth, according to the treaty of Kinsale, and was retained by the English till the breaking out of the war in 1641. Soon after the commencement of hostilities, it was besieged by the insurgents, but was resolutely defended by its proprietor, Arthur FREKE, Esq., who maintained it against all their attacks from the 14th of February till the 18th of October, when it was relieved by Sir Chas. VAVASOUR and Capt. JEPHSON, who conducted the owner and his garrison in safety to Bandon and set fire to the castle, to prevent its being occupied by the enemy. The insurgents, nevertheless, took the castle of Dundedy, which they kept till the spring of the year 1643, when they also obtained possession of the remains of Castle FREKE; but in July they were driven from this place by Col. MYN, who restored the castle and placed in it a garison which retained possession till the arrival of CROMWELL. The parish comprises 4189 statue acres, as applotted under the tithe act: the surface is very uneven, and towards the sea the land is cold and teh soil sandy; but in the centre of the parish and around Miltown, more fertile. The vale in which Miltown is situated is very beautiful and in many parts has been richly planted by Lord Carbery and the incumbent. Castle FREKE, the seat of Lord Carbery, a handsome castellated mansion, erected near the site of the old fortress of Rathbarry, is beautifully situated in a richly improved demesne, comprising 1000 acres, embellished with fine timber and thriving plantations, and with a beautiful and picturesque lake."

Children of Arthur and Dorothy (SMITH) FREKE, Esquire:

1-1. Mary FREKE,
    Mary married Francis BARNARD, an Irishman.

Children of Francis and Mary (FREKE) BARNARD:

1-1-1. Francis BARNARD,

1-1-2. Arthur BARNARD,

1-1-3. Dorothy BARNARD,

1-1-4. Mary BARNARD,

1-1-5. Elizabeth BARNARD,

1-1-6. Ann BARNARD,

1-1-7. Catherine BARNARD,

1-2. Peircy (Percy) FREKE. (See #1-2 following)

1-3. Agnes FREKE,
    Agnes married Patrick CROSSBY in County Kerry, Ireland.

Percy Freke, Esquire
Castle Freke, County Cork, Ireland

Percy FREKE, Esquire,, son of Arthur and Dorothy (SMITH) FREKE, Esquire (See #1 above).
    Percy married Elizabeth FREKE Thursday, 14 Nov 1671, London, England, by Dr. JOHNSON, without her father's consent. She was the daughter of Raufe FREKE, Esquire (See Chapter 2 of the Freke-Frake-Frakes Genealogy).
    On 26 Jul 1772, Elizabeth and Percy were remarried, with permission of her father. Married at St. Margaret's Church, Westminster, London, England. Married by Dr. UTTRAN.
    Held Castle Freke, Cork, Ireland and West Bilney, Norfolk, England.
    He was heir of his father.
    Elizabeth kept a diary. In 1913, Lady Mary Carbery edited and published the diary. (See Chapter 3A, #2-1-3-9-1) In the book she states what a terribly unhappy marriage she had. That she lived most of her married life with different family and friends and that Percy used all of her fortune, received from her father. She also had two miscarriages within the first three years of her married life.

Son of Percy and Elizabeth (FREKE) FREKE:

1-2-1. Raufe Freke. (See #1-2-1 following)

Sir Raufe Freke, Baronet
Castle Freke, County Cork, Ireland

Sir Raufe FREKE, Baronet, son of Percy and Elizabeth (FREKE) FREKE (See #1-2 above). He died 1718.
    Raufe married Elizabeth MEADE, daughter of Sir John MEADE, 1st Baronet of Ballintober.
    He held Castle Freke, Cork, Ireland and West Bilney, Norfolk, England. Heir of his father, Peircy FREKE, Esquire.
    In 1703, the Sir Raufe purchased the port town of Baltimore for £1,809. They thus became one of the most powerful families and largest landowners in the county.
    On 4 Jun 1713, Raufe was created Baronet, 12th by Queen Anne of England.

Children of Sir Raufe and Elizabeth (MEADE) FREKE, Baronet:

1-2-1-1. Sir Peircy FREKE, Baronet, died unmarried 10 Apr 1728, Dublin, Ireland.
    Sir Peircy was a member of parliament for Baltimore, Ireland.

1-2-1-2. Raufe FREKE, died unmarried in 1727, Richmond, Surry, England.

1-2-1-3. Sir John Redmond FREKE, Baronet, died 13 Apr 1764.
    Sir John married Mary BRODERICK, daughter of Alan BRODERICK, Esquire of the Lord Viscount Middleton's family. She died 20 Jun 1761, Castle Freke, Cork, Ireland.
    Sir John married 2nd Elizabeth GORE, daughter of Sir Arthur GORE, first Earl of Arran.

1-2-1-4. Grace FREKE, Heir of her brother, Sir John. (See #1-2-1-4 following)

The Honourable Grace Freke Evans
Castle Freke, County Cork, Ireland

The Honourable Grace FREKE EVANS, Daugher of Sir Raufe and Elizabeth (MEADE) FREKE, Baronet (See #1-2-1 above).
    Grace married Honourable John EVANS Jun 1741, 2nd son of the 1st Baron Carbery.

Son of The Honourable John and Grace (FREKE) EVANS:

1-2-1-4-1. George EVANS, born 1742.
    George married Anne STAMER 1768.

1-2-1-4-2. John EVANS-FREKE.
    John married Lady Elizabeth GORE.
    (See #1-2-1-4-2 following)

1-2-1-4-3. William EVANS, died 1796.
    William married Elizabeth BEACHER.

1-2-1-4-4. Ralph EVANS,
    Ralph married Elizabeth WOODCOCK.
    They had one son and one daughter.

1-2-1-4-5. Percy EVANS, born
    Never married.

1-2-1-4-6. Grace EVANS, born
    Grace married Richard BALDWIN, Esq. Jun 1764.

1-2-1-4-7. Anne EVANS, born
    Anne married William PUTLAND.

1-2-1-4-8. Catherine EVANS, born
    Catherine married George PUTLAND.

1-2-1-4-9. Jane EVANS, born
    Jane married Richard GRACE.

Sir John Evans-Freke, Baronet
Castle Freke, County Cork, Ireland

Sir John EVANS-FREKE, Baronet, son of The Honourable John and Grace (FREKE) EVANS (See #1-2-1-4 above).
    Sir John married Lady Elizabeth GORE.
    In July 1768, John was created Baronet.

Children of John and Elizabeth (GORE) EVANS-FREKE:

1-2-1-4-2-1. John EVANS-FREKE, Baronet, 6th Baron Carbery, born 1765.
    John married Lady Catherine-Charolette GORE.
    (See #1-2-1-4-2-1 following)

1-2-1-4-2-2. George EVANS-FREKE, born 1772. George died 1829.
    George married Susan CARBERY 1828.

1-2-1-4-2-3. Percy EVANS-FREKE, Esquire, born 1774.
    Sir Percy married Dorthea HARVEY.
    (See #1-2-1-4-2-3 following)

1-2-1-4-2-4. Jane Grace EVANS-FREKE, born 1775. Jane died 1827.
    Jane married Sir Fenton AYLMER, 7th Baronet of Donodea Castle in 1795.

1-2-1-4-2-5. Elizabeth EVANS-FREKE, born 1782.

John Evans-Freke
6th Lord Carbery

Castle Freke, County Cork, Ireland

John EVANS-FREKE, 6th Lord Carbery, born 11 Nov 1765, son of John and Catherine Charlotte EVANS-FREKE (See Sir John EVANS-FREKE, Baronet above). He died 12 May 1845.
    Sir John married Lady Catherine Charolette GORE 25 Jan 1783. She was born Sep 1766, 3rd daughter of Arthur-Sanders, 2nd Earl of Aran. She became Dowager Lady CARBERY.
    On 4 Mar 1807, he became the Baron Carbery, 6th Lord Carbery, at the death of his cousin John, 5th Lord Carbery.
    Sir John owned approximately 13,700 acres of land.
    Circa 1820, Sir John hired architect Richard Morrison to make modifications to Castle Freke, altering the castle from the original 1790 structure.

6th Lord Carbery in painting above
Castle Freke circa 1830 before the completion of renovations

Sir Percy Evans-Freke
Castle Freke, County Cork, Ireland

Sir Percy EVANS-FREKE, born Apr 1774, 3rd son of Sir John and Catherine Charolette EVANS-FREKE, Baronet (See Sir John EVANS-FREKE, Baronet above). He died 9 Sep 1844.
    Sir Percy married Dorthea HARVEY , daughter of Rev. Christopher HARVEY, D.D. of Bargy, Castle Kyle, County Wexford and Rachel (NICKSON) HARVEY.

    Rev. HARVEY and Rachel NICKSON were married Dec 1765. Rachel was born 1733, daughter of Abraham and Mary (HODSON) NICKSON of Munny House, Collattin, County Wicklow, Ireland. Abraham was the son of Abraham and Lydia (SLATER) NICKSON and he was the son of John NICKSON born 1623.

    A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland - 1837 - Vol. 2, has, "Tickillen, a parish in the barony of Shelmalier, county of Wexford, and province of Leinster, 3 1/2 miles (N.W.) from Wesford, near the mail road to Enniscorthy; containing 1226 inhabitants. It is principally situated on the north-eastern bank of the Slaney, but there is a small detached portion on the northrn extremity of the estuary of that river. The parish of Tickillen comprises 2640 statute acres, of which the detached portion contains 748 acres: within the limits of the latter is part of the village of Castlebridge. The land is mostly in tillage, the soil in general fertile, and the state of agriculture has been of late years much improved. The seats are Percy Lodge, the property of Percy Evans FREKE, Esq., pleasantly situated ner the banks of the river."

Children of Percy and Dorothea (HARVEY) EVANS-FREKE:

1-2-1-4-2-3-1. John EVANS-FREKE, born 19 Feb 1799. John died 1804.

1-2-1-4-2-3-2. Elizabeth EVANS-FREKE, born 15 Feb 1800. Elizabeth died 21 Feb 1813.

1-2-1-4-2-3-3. Dorothea EVANS-FREKE, born 19 May 1802. She died 1807.

1-2-1-4-2-3-4. Catherine Charlotte EVANS-FREKE, born 26 Jan 1806, Castle Freke, County Cork, Ireland.
    Catherine married Jean H. PINTRAUX.
    (See #1-2-1-4-2-3-4 following)

1-2-1-4-2-3-5. George-Patrick-Percy EVANS-FREKE, born 17 Mar 1801.
    George married Harriet Maria Catherine SHULDHAM.
    (See Lord George-Patrick-Percy EVANS-FREK following)

1-2-1-4-2-3-6. Hon. Lieut-Col. Percy-Augustus EVANS-FREKE, born 1812. He died 15 Jan 1847.
    In 1845, granted a Baron, which passed on to his surviving younger borthers and sister.
    The inscription on his grave stone is:


1-2-1-4-2-3-7. Hon. Fenton-John EVANS-FREKE, born 1809. Fenton died 1889.
    Fenton married Lady Catherine F. PAKENHAM 1851.
    Fenton was Captain 2nd Life Guards.

       Daughter of Fenton John and Catherine F. (PAKENHAM) EVANS-FREKE:

       2-3-7-1. Georgiana Louisa EVANS-FREKE, born 1852. Georgiana died 1923.
    Georgiana never married.

1-2-1-4-2-3-8. Hon. Jane-Grace EVANS-FREKE, born 1810. Jane died 1892.
    Jane married The Hon. and Rev. Charles BERNARD 25 July 1843.

Sons of Charles and Jane Grace (EVANS-FREKE) BERNARD:

1-2-1-4-2-3-8-1. Percy Brodrick BERNARD, born 1844.

1-2-1-4-2-3-8-2. James Boyle BERNARD, born 1847.

1-2-1-4-2-3-9. Hon. William-Charles EVANS-FREKE.
    William married 2nd Lady Victoria CECIL.
    (See 8th Lord Carbery following)

1-2-1-4-2-3-10. Anna Maria EVANS-FREKE, born 1819. Anna died 1820's.

Catherine Charlotte Evans-Freke Pintraux
Fougères, Bretagne (Brittany), France

Catherine Charlotte EVANS-FREKE, born 26 Jan 1806, Castle Freke, County Cork, Ireland, daughter of Percy and Dorothea (HARVEY) EVANS-FREKE. Catherine died 26 Nov 1881, Fougères, Bretagne (Brittany), France.
    Catherine married Jean H. PINTRAUX 1824. He was born 1811, Les Avins, Liege, Belgique (Belgium), son of Lambert and Marie (FRANÇOISE) PINTIAUX. Jean died 1896.

Children of Jean H. and Catherine Charlotte (EVANS-FREKE) PINTRAUX:

1-2-1-4-2-3-4-1. Albertine PINTIAUX, born circa 1829, France.

1-2-1-4-2-3-4-2. Edmond PINTIAUX, born 1835, France. Edmond died 1850, France.

1-2-1-4-2-3-4-3. Marie Tarsine PINTIAUX, born 31 Jul 1838, Rennes, Bretagne, France. Marie died 29 Apr 1900, Fougères, Bretagne (Brittany), France.
    Marie married Françios Mathurin COLLET 1886. He was born 1841, France.

    Children of Francois Mathurin and Marie Tarsine (PINTIAUX) COLLET:

    1-2-1-4-2-3-4-3-1. Aristide COLLETT, born 31 Sep 1870, Fougères, Bretagne (Brittany), France. Aristide died 1875, France.

    1-2-1-4-2-3-4-3-2. William COLLETT, born 17 Sep 1872, Fougères, Bretagne (Brittany), France. William died 16 Sep 1930, Fougères, Bretagne (Brittany), France.

    1-2-1-4-2-3-4-3-3. Mary Charlotte COLLETT, born 1879, Fougères, Bretagne (Brittany), France. Mary died 1958, Fougères, Bretagne (Brittany), France.
    Mary married 1st Geroges Hyacinthe Jean le CHARTIER 16 Oct 1897. They divorced 12 Jun 1905.
    Mary married 2nd Lucien HAUDEBERT.
    Mary had children.

Lord George Patrick Percy Evans-Freke
7th Lord Carbery

Castle Freke, County Cork, Ireland

George-Patrick-Percy EVANS-FREKE, born 17 Mar 1801, Ireland, son of Percy and Dorothea (HARVEY) EVANS-FREKE (See Sir Percy EVANS-FREKE above). He died 25 November 1889, Uppingham, Rutland, Leicestershire, England.
    He married Harriet Maria Catherine SHULDHAM 5 August 1852. She was born 1830/31, Ireland, daughter of Lt.-Gen. Edmund SHULDHAM.
    On 12 May 1845, at the death of his Uncle John, 6th Lord CARBERY, he became Baron CARBERY, of Carbery, County Cork, Ireland. 7th Lord Carbery.
    In 1881, the census shows the Honorable P.P. (61) and M. K. (50) EVANS-FREKE living in Belgrave, St. George, London, England. Also with them was their daughter Georgiana EVANS-FREKE age 25. Georgiana was born in Brighton, Sussex. Lord and Lady EVANS-FREKE were born in Ireland. They also had 5 servants living with them.

Daughter of George Patrick Percy EVANS-FREKE:

1-2-1-4-2-3-5-1. Georgiana Dorothea Harriet EVANS-FREKE, born 3 November 1853, Brighton, Sussex, England. Georgiana died 29 June 1942.
    Georgiana married Sir James Francis BERNARD, 4th Earl of Bandon 22 Jun 1876, St. Michael's, Chester Square, London, England. He ws born 12 Sep 1850. He died 18 May 1924, London, England.
    Through her marriage, Georgiana became Countess of Bandon.

William Charles Evans-Freke
8th Lord Carbery

Castle Freke, County Cork, Ireland

William Charles EVANS-FREKE, born 24 May 1812, Wexford, Ireland, son of Percy and Dorothea (HARVEY) EVANS-FREKE (See Sir Percy EVANS-FREKE above). William died 7 Nov 1894, Uppingham, Rutland, Leicestershire, England.
    William married 1st Lady Sophia BENNETT 23 Apr 1840. She was the daughter of Philip, 5th Earl of HARBOROUGH. Lady Sophia was the widow of Sir Thomas WHICHCOTE. Lady Sophia died 23 Sep 1851.
    William married 2nd Lady Victoria CECIL . was born 1843, Stamford, Northamptonshire, England, daughter of Baron Brownlow and Isabella (POYNTZ) CECIL, Marquis of Exeter, of Burghley House, Burghley Park. Isabella was the daugher of William Stephen POYNTZ of Midgham, Berkshire and Cowdray House, Sussex. Victoria died 7 Nov 1894.
    In 1851, the census shows William (38) and Sophia (54) EVANS FREKE living at Glanston House, Bisbrooke, Rutland, England. Also with them was William's widowed step-daughter Sophia TURNER age 35. William was listed as a Baron's son. Sophia was listed as an Earl's daughter. Sophia TURNER was listed as a Baronet's daughter. They also had 10 servants living there. William was born in Ireland. Both Sophias was born in Stapleford, Leicestershire, England.
    In 1861, the census shows the widowed Honorable W. C. E. FREKE age 46 living at Glanston House, Bisbrooke, Rutland, England. Also there was Sophia TURNER age 45, his step-daughter. There were also 5 servants living there. William was listed as Landed Proprietor.
    In 1871, the census shows the married William C. E. FREKE age 54 living at Bisbrooke Hall, Bisbrooke, Rutland, England. He as listed at the Honorable Landed Proprietor. Also living there were 12 servants. (Note: His wife and children were not listed in the household.)
    In 1871, the census shows Victoria FREKE age 27 living in St. Mary Magdalen, Sussex, England with her widowed mother Isabella EXETER, Marquiess March of Exeter. With them was Victoria's son Algernon W. E. FREKE age 2, born St. George's London. They also had 9 servants living with them.
    On 25 Nov 1889, at the death of his brother, George Patrick Percy EVANS-FREKE, 7th Lord CARBERY, William became Baron CARBERY of Carbery, County Cork, Ireland, the 8th Lord Carbery.

Children of William Charles and Victoria (CECIL) EVANS-FREKE:

1-2-1-4-2-3-9-1. Algernon William George EVANS-FREKE, born 9 Sep 1868, St. George's, London, England.
    Algernon married Mary TOULMIN.
    (See #1-2-1-4-2-3-9-1 following)

1-2-1-4-2-3-9-2. Hon. Percy Cecil EVANS-FREKE, born 19 May 1871, St George Hanover Square District, London, Surrey, England.
    Percy married Eva KIRWAN.
    (See #1-2-1-4-2-3-9-2 following)

1-2-1-4-2-3-9-3. Lt. Hon. Cecil Montague EVANS-FREKE, born Sep 1876. Cecil died 15 Jun 1900, Orange Grove, Bappisfontein, South Africa of wounds received 2 Jun 1900. He was 23 years of age.
    Cecil was educated at Eton.
    In Apr 1897, he entered the 16th Lancers from the Royal Military College.
    In Oct 1899, he was promoted to lieut.
    In Feb 1900, he went to South Africa. He was present at the relief of Kimberley, the battle of Paardeberg and the advance on Bloemfontein.

Algernon William George Evans-Freke
9th Lord Carbery

Castle Freke, County Cork, Ireland

Algernon William George Evans-Freke, born 9 Sep 1868, St. George's, London, England, son of William Charles and Victoria (CECIL) EVANS-FREKE (See 8th Lord Carbery above). He died 12 Jun 1898, Ledbury, Herefordshire, England.
    Algernon married Mary TOULMIN 26 Nov 1890. She was the daughter of Henry J. TOULMIN.
    In 1888, Algernon was addmited to Cambridge University, Corpus Christi.
    In 1910, according to Tom BYRNE, there was a major fire at Castle Freke. It started in a ceiling space and quickly took hold of the large timber joists and beams, which more or less completely destroyed the castle interior. The stone structure, however, remained sound. Byrne states, "The Freke family, indeed Lady Carbery,(Mary) had the castle properly insured and the insurers paid out in full for total reinstatement and indeed betterment, in fact the new structure was mostly rebuit using the, fairly new to Irish constructions - concrete, for the floors and substructure, in the rebuild the castle was fully electrified and a passenger lift was installed servicing the basement to top floors, this made castle Freke one of the most modernized and up to date buildings of it's time on completion in 1913, when Mary held a large house and garden party. Although there was continuation of renovating for a couple more years."
    In 1913, Lady Mary Carbery edited and published a diary of Elizabeth FREKE, daughter of Raufe FREKE.
    Lady Mary has written several books. One was titled, “Happy World,” about her Victorian childhood in England and another about Ireland. She also wrote a book about the Evans-Freke family for her two sons. Her husband died young in his 30’s.
    Lady Mary married 2nd to Arthur SANDFORD. She had a son Christopher SANDFORD, who had a son Jeremy SANDFORD, who was a well-known playwright in England.
    In 1881, the census shows Algernon E. FREKE age 12 living in St. John Hackney, London, England.

Children of Algernon William George and Mary (TOULMIN) EVANS-FREKE:

1-2-1-4-2-3-9-1-1. John EVANS-FREKE, 10th Baron Carbery.
    (See 10th Lord Carbery following)

1-2-1-4-2-3-9-1-2. Ralfe EVANS-FREKE, born 23 Jul 1897, Marylebone District, London, Middlesex, England. Ralph died 1969.
    Ralph married 1st Vera Mary G. MOORE 1919. They divorded in 1929.
    Ralph married 2nd Phyllis THORPE 1929. They divorced in 1940.
    Ralph married 3rd Dorothy May SURREY 1941.
    The Honourable Ralph EVANS-FREKE. Major; Military Secretary to Government of Burma. Photo at right.

Children of Ralfe EVANS-FREKE:

1-2-1-4-2-3-9-1-2-1. Peter Ralfe Harrington EVANS-FREKE, 11th Baron Carbery, born 20 Mar 1920.
    (See 11th Lord Carbery following)

1-2-1-4-2-3-9-1-2-2. Anne Mary Elizabeth EVANS-FREKE, born 1933.

9th Lord Carbery

John George Evans Freke
10th Lord Carbery
Castle Freke, County Cork, Ireland
John Evans Carberry

Nairobi, Kenya

John George EVANS FREKE/John Evans "J.C." CARBERRY, born 10 May 1892, son of Algernon William George and Mary (TOULMIN) EVANS-FREKE (See 9th Lord Carbery above). He died 1970. Burial in Johannesburg, South Africa.
    John married 1st José METCALFE 1913, Paddington, London, England. Daughter of Evelyn James METCALF. Divorced 1920.
    John married 2nd Maïa Ivy ANDERSON 1922. She was born 20 Jan 1904, Bristol, Somerset, England, daughter of Alfred ANDERSON of Nairobi. Maïa died 12 Mar 1928, Nairobi, Kenya, Africa. Burial was in Kenya, Africa. Her headstone is engraved 'Maïa Anderson Carberry/1904 - 1928. Per Argue Ad Astra'. Model of aircraft, a de Havilland DH60 Moth named 'Miss Propaganda' placed on headstone. Explanation for plane crash was never discovered. It is believed that a young man whom she was teaching to fly froze on the controls and caused the plane to go into a spin and crashed at the Ngong Airport in Nairobi in front of dozens of spectators. Maïa's photo at left.
    John married 3rd June Weir MOSLEY 1930. June died 1980. Burial in Johannesburg, South Africa.
    In 1920, he renounced his title and changed his name to John Evans CARBERRY by deed poll in Nairobi.
    In 1921, John sold Castle Freke and went to Kenya.
    He became part of the “jet-set” and squandered a lot of the family money.
    According to Tom BYRNE, "When John, the 10th Lord Carbery vacated the building for good, and after various short occupations and several owners it was largely became victim to neglect and scavaging, probably one of the major reasons for it's complete deterioration was the ridiculous, 'Roof Rates Tax' which the Irish government introduced in the late 1940's which, inter-Alia, was a tax on large roofs, particularly unoccupied properties and this led to the destruction of many beautiful castles and large houses around Ireland, castle Freke itself was stripped of it's fittings in 1952 - ironically the year that the latest family owner, Stephen Evans - Freke was born!" (See #1-2-1-4-2-3-9-1-2-1-4, Hon. Stephen Ralfe Evans-Freke following.)

Daughter of John and José (METCALFE) EVANS-FREKE:

1-2-1-4-2-3-9-1-1-1. Fabienne José EVANS FREKE, born 1916.
    Fabienne married Philip CLARIDGE of Cloonagh, Monkstown, County Cork, Ireland.
    Fabienne married John Dudley DOWSE-FINNEMORE 1936. They divorced in 1946. John died 1971.

Daughter of John Evans and Maïa Ivy (ANDERSON) CARBERRY:

1-2-1-4-2-3-9-1-1-2. Juanita Virginia Sistare CARBERRY, born 7 May 1925.

10th Lord Carbery in photo below

The Hon. Percy Cecil EVANS-FREKE
Bisbrooke Hall
Uppingham, Rutland, England

Lieut.-Colonel the Hon. Percy Cecil EVANS-FREKE, born 19 May 1871, St George Hanover Square District, London, Surrey, England, son of William Charles and Victoria (CECIL) EVANS-FREKE. The Lieut.-Col. died Thursday, 13 May 1915, Frezenburg, France, shot by a sniper. Burial is in Divisional Cemetery, Dickebusch Road, Ypres, France.
    Percy married Eva KIRWAN 24 Jul 1895. She was the daughter of Charles KIRWAN of Dalgan Park.
    Was Captain Leicestershire, I.Y.
    The Lieut. Colonel's obituary, "EVANS-FREKE, Lieut.-Colonel the Hon. Percy Cecil, of Bisbrook Hall, second son of William, 8th Baron Carbery and Lady Victoria Cecil, was born in London May 19th, 1871. He obtained a Commission in the Leicestershire Yeomanry in December 1895, was promoted lieutenant March 1899, captain May 1903, major February, 1905, and succeeded Lieut-Colonel T. E. HARRISON in command of the regiment in 1913. He held the honary rank of lieutenant in the Regular Army for services in the Boer War (1900-1) with the 4th Batt. Imperial Yeomanry (Leicestershire and Derbyshire) for which he received the Queen's Medal with four clasps. Lieut.-Col. EVANS-FREKE married in July, 1895, Eva, fourth daughter of the late Mr. Charles KIRWAN of Dulgan Park, Co. Mayo, and Mrs. Maitland-Kirwan of Gelston Castle, Kirkcudbright. He was a prominent hunting man in the district, being secretary of the Cottesmore Hunt. Proceeding to Flanders November 2nd, 1914, he took part in the later stages of the first Battle of Ypres. He was killed by bullets May 13th, 1915, near Ypres, when the Germans made their second attempt for the Channel Ports, which resulted in a costly failure for the enemy although the British losses totalled frm 12,000 to 15,000 men. Writing of this battle, Sir Arthur Conan DOYLE says in "The British Campaign in France and Flanders":--"All the infantry losses, heavy as they were, are eclipsed by those of the third Cavalry Division (which included the Leicestershire Yeomanry) which bore the full blast of the funal whirlwind, and was practically destroyed in holding it back form Ypres. This splendid division, to whom, from first to last, the country owes as much as to any body of troops in the field, was only engaged in the fighting for one clear day, and yet lost nearly as heavily in proportion as either of the infantry divisions which had been in the firing line for a week. Their casualties were 91 officers and 1,050 men. This will give some idea of the concentrated force of the storm wchich broke upon them on May 12th. It was a most murderous affair, and they were only driven from their trenches when the trenches themselves were blasted to pieces. It is doubtful whether any regiments have endured more in so short a time. The Leicestershire Yeomanry suffered very severely, Col. FREKE and many senior officers wer among the dead and wounded." Several versions have been given of how Col. EVANS-FREKE met his death. The following is that of a reliable eye-witness: ---"I was in the fitght in which Col. FREKE was killed, in fact, I had been in personal touch with him up to five minutes before I saw him fall. Things were rather hot, and I happened to be one of a small party, who, with Col. FREKE, had become detached from the main portion of the squadron who were holding a lenght of trench. We were in touch by signal, however, and a message came across that Major RICARDO was hit. Thereupon Col. FREKE walked out across the open to join the party in the trench about eighty yeards away. He had covered the greater part of the distance when we saw he had been struck in the arm. He still went on to within five or six yards of the trench when he fell." He had been struck again. His soldier servant, who was in the trench, picked him up, but he was dead. His body lies buried in the cemetery close to Breelin Cross-roads, near Ypres. A brave, absolutely fearless soldier, loved by all who knew him. An able commander, unsparing of himself, whose thoughts were always for the comfort and safety of those committed to his care, he sacrificed his life in the noblest cause--in defence of the honour of his country and of those who could not defend themselves. " Pl. Frontlispiece. (Thanks to Griff MORGAN-JONES for this information and the photo. Go to his web page at: The Leicestershire (PAO) Yeomanry 1914-1918 The Great War.)
    The oldest part of Bisbrooke Hall dates back to circa 1740 and is the second house built on the site. About 1840, the Hall was remodelled and extended by Lord Carbery.
Daughter of Percy Cecil and Eva (KIRWAN) EVANS-FREKE:

1-2-1-4-2-3-9-2-1. Maida Cecil EVANS-FREKE, born 11 Jun 1897, Kensington Greater London, London, Middlesex, England
    Maida married Captain Edmund Michael Gordon Loeventhorpe BOYLE 21 Dec 1927. He was born 12 Nov 1895, son of Maj. Charles John and Lillian Kennedy (POCHIN) BOYLE. Lillian was the only daughter of Charles Norman POCHIN of Barby Hall, Leicestershire.

    Children of Edmund Michael Gordon Loeventhorpe and Maida Cecil (EVANS-FREKE) BOYLE:

    1-2-1-4-2-3-9-2-1. George Hamilton BOYLE, ARSM, BSc, born 15 Sep 1928.
    George married Alathea Henriette Mary MARCH PHILLIPPS de LISLE 25 Jul 1953. She was the elder daughter of the late John Adrian Frederick and Elizabeth Muriel Symth (GUINNESS) MARCH PHILLIPPS de LISLE, of Stockerston Hall, Leicestershire, England.
    In 1953, received his Bachelor of Science degree at the Imperial College, London.
    In the 1960's, George added the former laundry and brewhouse to the baronial hall of Bisbrooke. The barrel vaulted ceiling in the baronial hall is a copy of that in Kirby Hall and the carved bosses have the initials of his wife, Alathea, and his children. Although only a generation old, the baronial hall with its mullioned windows, minstrels’ gallery and grand family portraits has the air of great antiquity. Bisbrooke Hall is currently occupied by George’s son, Robert, and his wife Gabrielle and their two children. Mr and Mrs Boyle very generously made available the great hall for Bisbrooke’s medieval banquet in 1998, an evening of dancing, singing, fire eating and carousing that will long be remembered.
    In 1964, George was High Sheriff of Rutland.
    In 1976, George was High Sheriff of Leicestershire.

          Children of George Hamilton and Alathea Henriette Mary (de LISLE) BOYLE:

          1-2-1-4-2-3-9-2-1-1. Robert Edmund John BOYLE, born 28 Sep 1954.
    Robert married Gabrielle Georgiana SMOLLET 1985. She is the daughter of Patrick Tobias Telfer SMOLLET, M.C. of Alexandria, Bunbartonshire.
    Robert is the Honorary Colonel to the modern Squadron, B (LDY PAO) Sqn, The Royal Yeomanry.

                Children of Robert Edmund John and Gabrielle Georgiana (SMOLLET) BOYLE:

                1-2-1-4-2-3-9-2-1-1-1. Albinia Mary BOYLE, born 1988.

                1-2-1-4-2-3-9-2-1-1-2. Patrick Gordon Tobias BOYLE, born 1991.

           1-2-1-4-2-3-9-2-1-2. Richard William BOYLE, born 8 Jan 1959.
    Richard married Suzanna Jean BINGHAM 1990. She is the daughter of Charles BINGHAM of Tavistock, Suffolk, England.
    They live in Great Milton, Oxfordshire, England.

                Daughter of Richard William and Suzanna Jean (BINGHAM) BOYLE:

                2-3-9-2-1-1-2-1. Clementine Pamela BOYLE, born 1997.

          1-2-1-4-2-3-9-2-1-3. Rupert Lancelot Cavendish BOYLE, born 19 Sep 1960.
    Rupert married Sarah Daphne BERRY 1986. She is the daughter of Simon Anthony BERRY of Great Conrad, Suffolk.

                Sons of Rupert Lancelot Cavendish and Sarah Daphne (BERRY) BOYLE:

                2-3-9-2-1-1-3-1. Angus Hugo Edmund BOYLE, born 1989.

                2-3-9-2-1-1-3-2. Christopher Simon Hamilton BOYLE, born 1992.

    1-2-1-4-2-3-9-2-2. Edmund Charles Percy BOYLE, born 20 May 1932. Edmund died in an accident in 1975.
    He was a Sub-Lt., R.N.

    1-2-1-4-2-3-9-2-3. Stephen Crispin BOYLE, born 24 Dec 1935.
    Stephen married Heather Ann WILLIAMSON 1975.

           Children of Patrick Stephen Crispin and Heather Ann (WILLIAMSON) BOYLE:

           2-3-9-2-1-3-1. Amund Charles Thomas BOYLE, born 1976.

           2-3-9-2-1-3-2. Katharine Anna Cecil BOYLE, born 1978.

Peter Ralfe Harrington Evans Freke
11th Lord Carbery

Chelsea, London, England

Peter Ralfe Harrington Evans Freke, born 20 Mar 1920, son of Ralfe EVANS-FREKE (See #1-2-1-4-2-3-9-1-2 above).
    Peter married Joyzelle Mary BINNEY . She was born 14 Oct 1918, only daughter of Herbert BINNIE of Sydney, Australia. Lady Carbery died 19 Apr 2006. She was buried at the mausoleum in Castle Freke 6 May 2006. Her burial was the first burial in the Freke family mausoleum since 1852 when the then Lady Carbery (Catherine-Charolette GORE EVANS FREKE) wife of the 6th Baron John Carbery was buried there.
    Only son; 11th baron.
    In 1990, he lived at 2 Hayes Court, Sunnyside, Wimbledon SW19 4SH.
    In 2006, Lord Carbery, age 86, still living mostly in London area.

Children of Peter Ralfe Harrington and Joyzelle Mary (BINNIE) EVANS FREKE:

1-2-1-4-2-3-9-1-2-1-1. Maura Clare EVANS FREKE.

1-2-1-4-2-3-9-1-2-1-2. Hon. Michael Peter EVANS FREKE, born 11 Oct 1942.
    Michael married Claudia Janet Elizabeth GURNEY.
    (See Michael Peter Evans Freke, #1-2-1-4-2-3-9-1-2-1-2 following)

1-2-1-4-2-3-9-1-2-1-3. Hon. John Anthony EVANS FREKE, born 1949.
    John married Veronica Jane WILLIAMS 1972. Youngest daughrer of Major Eric WILLIAMS.
    In 2000, John lived in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Children of John Anthony and Veronica Jane (WILLIAMS) EVANS FREKE:

1-2-1-4-2-3-9-1-2-1-3-1.James Eric EVANS FREKE, born 1976, Barnstaple, Devon, England.
    James married Emma R AYKROYD Nov 2001, Yorkshire, England.

    Sons of James Eric and Emma R. (AYKROYD) EVANS-FREKE:

    2-3-9-1-2-1-3-1-1. Merlin Tom EVANS-FREKE, born Jan 2001, Redcar, Yorkshire, England.

    2-3-9-1-2-1-3-1-2. Oscar John EVANS-FREKE, born 2003.

    2-3-9-1-2-1-3-1-3. William Reuben EVANS-FREKE, born 2006.

1-2-1-4-2-3-9-1-2-1-3-2. Flora Mary EVANS FREKE, born 1979.
    Flora married Nicholas G. HARRAP. Engagement was announced in the London Times 8 Jun 2000. He is the son of Simon HARRAP of Bentley, Hants, England.

1-2-1-4-2-3-9-1-2-1-3-3. Charles William Anthony EVANS FREKE, born 1981.

1-2-1-4-2-3-9-1-2-1-4. Hon. Stephen Ralfe EVANS FREKE, born 1952.
    Stephen married Valerie JOHNSON BEATTIE.
    (See Stephen Ralfe Evans Freke, #1-2-1-4-2-3-9-1-2-1-4 following)

1-2-1-4-2-3-9-1-2-1-5. Angela Mary EVANS FREKE, born 1954.

Hon. Michael Peter Evans Freke
Chilcompton, Somerset, England
In Line to be
12th Lord Carbery

Hon. Michael Peter Evans Freke, born 11 Oct 1942, son of Peter Ralfe Harrington and Joyzelle Mary (BINNIE) EVANS FREKE (See above).
    Michael married Claudia Janet Elizabeth GURNEY 1967. Only daughter of Captain Percy Lionel GURNEY.
    Michael is in line to be the 12th Lord Carbery.

Children of Micahel Peter and Claudia Janet Elizabeth (GURNEY) EVANS FREKE:

1-2-1-4-2-3-9-1-2-1-2-1. Dominic Ralfe Cecil EVANS FREKE, born 1969.
    Dominic married Marina Alexandra WHETHERLY, Dorset, England. Their engagement was announced 20 Jan 2002 in the London Times. She is the daughter of Robin WHETHERLY of Evershot, Dorset, England.
    Dominic is in line to be the 13th Lord Carbery.

Children of Dominic Ralfe Cecil and Marina Alexandra (WHETHERLY) EVANS-FREKE:

1-2-1-4-2-3-9-1-2-1-2-1-1. Benedict Robin Harrington EVANS-FREKE, born 20 Oct 2004. Benedict is in line to be the 14th Lord Carbery.

1-2-1-4-2-3-9-1-2-1-2-1-2. Arthur George Stobart EVANS-FREKE, born 7 Nov 2006.

1-2-1-4-2-3-9-1-2-1-2-1-3. Rose Alexandra May EVANS-FREKE, born 24 Feb 2009.

1-2-1-4-2-3-9-1-2-1-2-2. Richenda Clare EVANS-FREKE, born 1971.
    Richenda married M. C. PIERS. Engagement announced in the London Times 1 Feb 2002. He is the son of Keith PIERS of Wadhurst, East Sussex, England.

1-2-1-4-2-3-9-1-2-1-2-3. Isabel Lucy EVANS-FREKE, born
    Isabel married Robert H. DEAN10 Jun 2000, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England. Son of Lt. Col. Thomas DEAN of Bury St. Edmunds.

Daughter of Robert and Isabel Lucy (EVANS-FREKE) DEAN:

1-2-1-4-2-3-9-1-2-1-2-3-1. Eleanor Sophia DEAN, born 27 Mar 2004.

1-2-1-4-2-3-9-1-2-1-2-4. Anna Louise EVANS-FREKE, born 11 Oct 1979.

Hon. Stephen Ralfe Evans-Freke
Castle Freke, County Cork, Ireland
Rathbarry Castle, County Cork, Ireland
New York, New York, United States of America
Tuxedo Park, Orange County, New York

Hon. Stephen Ralfe Evans-Freke, born 1952, son of Peter Ralfe Harrington and Joyzelle Mary (BINNIE) EVANS FREKE (See above).
    Stephen married Valerie BEATTIE-JOHNSON 27 Dec 1990. She is the daughter of Russell BEATTIE-JOHNSON of Connecticut, U.S.A.
    In 2000, Stephen purchased Castle Freke, bringing it back into the ownership of the FREKE family, as well as surrounding lands and also Rathbarry Castle. He has been restoring Castle Freke, which has been in ruins for many years.

Sons of Stehen Ralfe and Valerie (JOHNSON BEATTIE) EVANS FREKE:

1-2-1-4-2-3-9-1-2-1-4-1. Yorick EVANS-FREKE, born 1992.

1-2-1-4-2-3-9-1-2-1-4-2. Roland EVANS-FREKE, born 1994.

John Freke
Castle Freke, County Cork, Ireland

John Freke,, born 11 Jun 1615.
    John married Mary (BERNARD) POOLE in Ireland, daughter of Francis BERNARD of Castle Bernard. Francis was a Parliamentarian officer. Mary was the widow of Thomas POOLE, of Knockanemeele, eldest son and heir of Thomas the Fuller. The POOLES and BERNARDS were close neighbours on adjoining lands. She and Thomas appear to have had four children, Thomas, Francis, Mary and Jane, who appear in their grandfather’s Will.
    In 1659, the Census of Ireland listed the lands in each county and the names of those who held title. The Census shows Knockuneatneely, in the Barony of Kinalmeaky, County Cork, containing 26 people, seven English and nineteen Irish. Those who held title were Jane HOWARD, Samuell POOLE, John FREKE, Esq., and Mary, his wife. John FREKE had been a Royalist and under the Act of Settlement he and two of his brothers-in-law received a grant from the Crown. The abstract reads:
    "To Francis and Richard BEAMISH, Capt. John FREKE, John LANGTON, Thomas BEAMISH and Thomas FRANKE– Maulbracke (part) being 108 acres, 2 roods, 1 perch at £1.12.111/2 per annum to Francis BEAMISH. In the north east part of ye 10 gneeves of Kilmaloody 188 acres 1 rood 35 perches – another part of ditto 113 acres at £4.11.63/4 – to Francis and Richd BEAMISH. In Carhavalder als Derriscullane the plowland of 284 acres, 2 roods, 17 perches at £4.6.5 – Knockeagh (part) 88 acres – 3 parcells of Cahirconweey 125 acres – Rossmore (part) 22 acres, 2 roods, 27 perches at £3.11.63/4 to Capt. John FREAKE and Fras. BEAMISH. (Other lands to BEAMISH, LANGTON and FRANKE). Dated 24th April 20th Charles II. Inrolled 10 August 1668."
    On 10 May 1670, John FREKE got a lease of some lands from the Corporation of Bandon:
    "We, the Provost and burgesses of the Borough of Bandon do authorize Wm of Bandon to give full and plenary possession of the lands of Ryne, Lackyduffe and Ballynegan and all tenants houses gardens and orchards etc. in the Barony of Ibane and county of Cork, unto Capt. John FREKE of Knocknameel in the said county, as steward of the Provost and Corporation. John POOLE, Thomas BEAMISH"
    In 1680, John was living in Knockanameele, County Cork, Ireland, but before that they lived in Garetstown, which was near Kinsale.

Children of John and Mary (BERNARD)(POOLE) FREKE:

10-1. Anne FREKE, born circa 1655, Garretstown, County Cork, Ireland.
    Anne married Franics BEAMISH of Kilmaloda, Ireland.
    (See #10-1 following)

10-2. Elizabeth FREKE, born circa 1659, Bandon, County Cork, Ireland.
    Elizabeth married Joseph JERVOIS.
    (See #10-2 following)

10-3. Alice FREKE,
    Alice married Samuel JERVOIS, County Cork, Ireland. (Brother of Joseph)

10-4. Mary FREKE,

10-5. Margaret FREKE,

10-6. Katherine FREKE,

Anne Freke Beamish
Kilmaloda, Ireland

Anne Freke,, born circa 1655, Garretstown, County Cork, Ireland, daughter of John and Frances (BERNARD) FREKE.
    Anne married 1st Francis BEAMISH of Kilmaloda, Ireland. He was the eldest son of Francis and Catherine (BERNARD) BEAMISH of Kilmaloda (See Chapter 3B, #7). Catherine was the daughter of Francis and Elizabeth (FREKE) BERNARD. Francis died 1682. His will is dated 25 Jan 1681/82.
    Anne married 2nd John SMITH 1685.

Son of Francis and Anne (FREKE) BEAMISH:

10-1-1. Francis BEAMISH, died 1728.
    Franics married Elizabeth JERVOIS 1727, St. Nicholas Church, Cork, County Cork, Ireland, the daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth (FREKE) JERVOIS (See 10-2 following). Francis was her 2nd husband.
    Francis died without issue and was succeeded by his cousin Francis BEAMISH, the eldest son of John BEAMISH of Keelworrough. His Will was dated 1749. Administration of her Estate taken out in 1728.

10-1-2. Anne BEAMISH, born in Ireland.
    Anne married John COPINGER 1697.
    Children unknown.

Son of John and Anne (FREKE) SMITH:

10-1-3. Richard SMYTH,

    Son of Richard SMYTH:

    10-1-3-1. John Freke SMYTH,
    John married Martha TRAVERS.

       Son of John Freke and Martha (TRAVERS) SMYTH:

       10-1-3-1-1. Richard SMYTH,
    Richard married Dorothea LUCAS.

             Daughter of Richard and Dorothea (LUCAS) SMYTH:

             10-1-3-1-1-1. Martha SMYTH,
    Martha married and immigrated to Australia in 1841.
    Their 3x Great-Granddaughter is Merilyn BOURKE.

Elizabeth Freke Jervois
Brade House, Leap, County Cork, Ireland

Elizabeth Freke,, born circa 1659, Bandon, County Cork, Ireland, daughter of John and Frances (BERNARD) FREKE.
    Elizabeth married Joseph JERVOIS 1680, County Cork, Ireland. He was born circa 1653, Barnstaple, Ireland, son of Captain Samuel and Lattis (WESCOMBE) JERVOIS. Joseph died 1737 at Curravarahane. His will was dated 19 Jun 1737 and proved 8 Sep 1737. Surviving him was his wife Elizabeth; children Samuel, Joseph and Mary; and his Smyth grandchilren.
    Brade House was built about the time of their marriage.
    Joseph had the plantations of Woodland.
    In 1669, Joseph was appointed Justice of the Peace for County Cork, Ireland.
    In 1698, Joseph and his brother Samuel leased the land of Towmacdermod and Malagow, a total of 524 acres in the parish of Drinagh.
    On 26 Jul 1703, Joseph was elected a Burgess of Clonakilty.
    On 19 Oct 1713, Joseph was elected Sovereign of Clonakilty, of which his father had previously also been elected.
    In 1727, Joseph retired.

Children of Joseph and Elizabeth (FREKE) JERVOIS:

10-2-1. Samuel JERVOIS,
    Samuel married twice.
    Samuel was heir and inherited Brade House. He built boulting mills for the grinding of corn and wheat.
    His male line eventually became extinct, there are, however, many descendants of this line living today.
    On 19 Oct 1713, Samuel was admitted Freeman of Borough.
    In 1729, Samuel was elected Sovereign of Clonakilty.

    Daughter of Samuel JERVOIS:

    10-2-1-1. Elizabeth JERVOIS,
    Elizabeth married John MURPHY, Esq.

       Daughter of John and Elizabeth (JERVOIS) MURPHY:

       10-2-1-1-1. Catherine MURPHY,
    Catherine married Rev. Julius Armstrong.

           Daughter of Rev. Julius and Catherine (MURPHY) ARMSTRONG:

           10-2-1-1-1-1.. Elizabeth Jane ARMSTRONG, of Australia.
    Elizabeth married Richard Henry RADLEY.
    Go to the Radley Family web page of Lorraine EGAN, great-granddaughter of Richard and Elizabeth: Radley's of Cork , for this family genealogy.

10-2-2. Joseph JERVOIS, II,
    On 19 Oct 1713, Samuel was admitted Freeman of Borough.

10-2-3. William JERVOIS, died fairly young.
    William became a Captain in the Army.
    William built Maryborough House near Timoleague, which was left to his brother Joseph.
    William never married.

10-2-4. Mary JERVOIS, died 1761, Bandon, Ireland.
    Mary married Isaac CORNOCK.
    (See #10-2-4 following)

10-2-5. Elizabeth JERVOIS, died before 1737.
    Elizabeth married 1st Captain Percy SMYTH.
    Elizabeth married 2nd Francis BEAMISH.
    (See #10-2-5 following)

Mary Jervois Cornock
City of Cork
County Cork, Ireland

Mary JERVOIS,,the daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth (FREKE) JERVOIS. Mary died 1761, Bandon, Ireland.
    Mary married Isaac CORNOCK 23 Sep 1708. Isaac was of the City of Cork. Mary was given a marriage portion of £500.00 and a jointure of eighty pounds. Isaac died 1732.

Son of Isaac and Mary (JERVOIS) CORNOCK:

10-2-4-1. Zachery CORNOCK,

Elizabeth Jervois Smyth Beamish
County Cork, Ireland

Elizabeth JERVOIS,, the daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth (FREKE) JERVOIS. Elizabeth died before 1737.
    Elizabeth married 1st Captain Percy SMYTH 1717. He was of Headborough.
    Elizabeth married 2nd Francis BEAMISH 1727, St. Nicholas Church, Cork, County Cork, Ireland. He was of Kilmaloda. Francis was the only son of Francis and Anne (FREKE) BEAMISH of Kilmaloda, Ireland (See #10-1 above). Francis died 1728.

Children of Percy and Elizabeth (JERVOIS) SMYTH:

10-2-5-1. son SMYTH,

10-2-5-2. daughter SMYTH,

10-2-5-3. Anne SMYTH,
    Anne married Hibernicus SCOTT. He was of Ballinagarragh.
    They had children.

10-2-5-4. Esther SMYTH,
    Esther married James BERNARD.
    (See #10-2-5-4 following)

Esther Smyth Bernard
Castle Bernard, Bandon
County Cork, Ireland

Esther SMYTH,,daughter of Percy and Elizabeth (JERVOIS) SMYTH.
    Esther married James BERNARD. He was born 1739. James died 7 Jul 1790.
    James mas Member of Parlilament for County Cork, Ireland.

Children of James and Esther (SMYTH) BERNARD:

10-2-5-4-1. Francis BERNARD, born 26 Nov 1755. He died 26 Nov 1830.
    Francis became the 1st Earl of Bandon.
    (See #10-2-5-4-1 following)

10-2-5-4-2. Elizabeth BERNARD,
    Elizabeth married Richard ACKLOM.

    Daughter of Richard and Elizabeth (BERNARD) ACKLOM:

    10-2-5-4-2-1. Esther ACKLOM,

Francis Bernard
1st Earl Bandon

Castle Bernard, Bandon
County Cork, Ireland

Francis BERNARD, born 26 Nov 1755, son of James and Esther (SMYTH) BERNARD. Francis died 26 Nov 1830, Castle Bernard, Bandon, County Cork, Ireland.
    Francis married Catherine Henrietta BOYLE 12 Feb 1784. She was born 12 Jan 1768, daughter of Richard BOYLE, Earl of Shannon and his wife Catherine PONSONBY. Catherine Henrietta died 8 Jul 1815.
    From 1778-1783, Francis BERNARD was Member of Parliament from Ennis, County Cork, Ireland.
    From 1783-1790, Francis BERNARD was Member of Parliament from Bandon Bridge, County Cork, Ireland.
    On 30 Nov 1793, Francis BERNARD was created 1st Baron Bandon of Bandon Bridge, County Cork, Ireland.
    On 6 Oct 1795, Francis BERNARD was created 1st Viscount Bandon of Bandon Bridge, County Cork, Ireland.
    On 29 Aug 1800, Francis BERNARD was created 1st Earl Bandon of Bandon Bridge, County Cork, Ireland.

Children of Francis and Catherine Henrietta (BOYLE) BERNARD:

10-2-5-4-1-1. James BERNARD, born 17 Jun 1885.
    James married Mary Susan Albania BRODRICK.
    (See #10-2-5-4-1-1 following)

James Bernard
2nd Earl Bandon

Castle Bernard, Bandon
County Cork, Ireland

James BERNARD,, born 17 Jun 1885, son of Francis and Catherine Henrietta (BOYLE) BERNARD. James died 31 Oct 1856, age 71, Castle Bernard, Bandon, County Cork, Ireland. He was buried 5 Nov 1856, Bandon, County Cork, Ireland. His will was probated Feb 1857.
    James married Mary Susan Albania BRODRICK 13 Mar 1809, the Cathedral, Cashel, County Tepperary, Ireland. She was the daughter of the Rt. Rev. Hon. Charles and Mary (WOODWARD) BRODRICK.
    From 1807-1818, James BERNARD was Member of Parliament for County Cork. James was a Tory.
    From 1818-1820, James BERNARD was Member of Parliament for Youghal.
    From 1820-1826, James BERNARD was Member of Parliament for Bandon, County Cork, Ireland.
    From Aug 1830 - Nov 1830, James BERNARD was Member of Parliament for Bandon, County Cork, Ireland.
    On 26 Nov 1830, James BERNARD became 2nd Earl of Bandon, 2nd Viscount Bernard, 2nd Baron Bandon of Bandonbridge, County Cork, Ireland.
    In 1832, James graduated from Oxford University with a degree of honorary Doctor of Civil Laws.
    In 1835, James held the office of Representative Peer of Ireland.
    From 1842-1856, James BERNARD held the office of Lord-Lieutenant of County Cork.
    On 5 Jun 1845, James was invested as a Fellow, Royal Society.

Sons of James and Mary Susan Albania (BRODRICK) BERNARD:

10-2-5-4-1. Rt. Rev. Hon. Charles Brodrick BERNARD, died 23 Apr 1870.

10-2-5-4-2. Francis BERNARD, 3rd Earl Bandon, born 3 Jan 1810. He died 17 Feb 1877, Casatle Bernard, Bandon, County Cork, Ireland.
    Francis married Catherine Mary WHITMORE.

    Children of Franics and Catherine Mary (WHITMORE) BERNARD:

    10-2-5-4-2-1. James Francis BERNARD, 4th Earl Bandon, born 12 Sep 1850. James died 18 May 1924, London, England.
    James married Georgiana Dorothea Harriet EVANS-FREKE Jun 1876, St. Michael's, Chester Square, London, England. born 3 November 1853, Brighton, Sussex, England, daughter of George Patrick Percy and Harriet Maria Catherine (SHULDHAM) EVANS-FREKE (See Chapter 3A, #2-3-5). She died 29 June 1942.

    10-2-5-4-2-2. Lady Adelaide Mary Lucy BERNARD, born 1858. She died 29 Sep 1884.

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