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Henry Frake / Frakes
Greene County, Pennsylania

Henry FRAKE / FRAKES, Sr., born circa 1735, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania (later known as Bedford County and then Huntington County, Pennsylvania), said to be the son of Philip Edward FREAKE / FRAKE (See Chapter 10, #4-1).
    Henry married Elenor ___?___ .
    In 1730, Henry's parents arrived in an area of Pennsylvania. This area was made up mostly of Scotch-Irish immigrants, but it has been estimated that English, Dutch and German settlers constituted about ten percent of that early population. Originally the area was mostly devoted to farming, later developing other trades.
    On 27 Jan 1750, that area of Pennsylvania became Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.
    On 9 Mar 1771, that same area where the FRAKES lived became Bedford County, Pennsylvania, out of Cumberland County.
    On 22 Jun 1782, Nathan, Robert, Joseph, Henry Sr., Henry Jr. and ?Salton FRAKES were all signers of a petition in regards to the state ownership of the land they held property and were living on. They claim they settled there believing it to be Monongalia County, Virginia and then being told it was Washington County, Pennsylvania. (Note: This was from a long dispute over land that both Pennsylvania and Virginia claimed. The borders were finally decided on during the American Revolutionary War.)
    In 1787, Huntington County, Pennsylvania was made out of Beford County.
    Land records in Greene County and Washington County, Pennsylvania prove that Robert and Joseph were sons of Henry FRAKES, Sr.
    In 1793, Henry FRAKES purchased land from his sons, Joseph and Robert.
    On 19 Sep 1798, Henry FRAKES, Sr. and his wife Elenor sold land to Robert FRAKES a tract of land called Shiver de Freze on Dunkard Creek in Whiteley Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania.
    From a West Virginia genealogical society journal entitled the "Tri-County Researcher", page 141, has the following: "John and George Lemley came to America with their parents David Lemley and wife whose name we don't know. They came to Philiadelphia, PA from Southhampton, England in 1723 with five sons and three daughters. One son, William was born while crossing the Atlantic Ocean. John was born in 1726 and George in 1733, both in Philadelphia. In 1737 the family is found in Chester Co, PA where they lived until David died in 1757. In 1758 the mother, 2 daughters and 2 sons removed to Cumberland Co and in 1771 they removed to the territory which later became Bedford Co. John and George married and took their families to Winchester Valley, VA where they lived several years. In the year 1765 John Lemley and a friend, Peter Barstow, made a trip up the James River and via an Indian trail to the Monongahela river, on the the mouth of the Youghiogheny River and then returned to their VA homes. They must have liked the Country as in 1772 they joined others who moved from the Winchester Valley to Monongalia Co in what is now WV where they took up land on Dunkard Creek. Following an enlistment in the Revolutionary War and several months with the Morgan band of Indian Rangers, they decided to locate in Perry Twp on land that lay on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line. When he attempted to warrant it in OCT 1786 he found Henry FRAKES, a "Westmoreland Dutchman" had already done so. The land was surveyed again and through much pro and cons the land went to the Lemleys in 1793. It became known as the "Shriver Prize" containing some 388 acres. He also had 419 acres which was called Lemley's Place and still later acquired more land he called St. George. All were on Dunkard Creek. (Note: Westmoreland County is a county located in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. It was founded on February 26, 1773, and was the first county in the colony of Pennsylvania west of the Allegheny Mountains. Westmoreland County originally included the present-day counties of Fayette, Washington, Greene, and parts of Beaver, Allegheny, Indiana, and Armstrong counties.)(Note: Greene County, Pennsylvania wasn't founded until 1796.)

Children of Henry and ___?___ (___?___) FRAKES:

1. Henry FRAKES, born circa 1760, Greene County, Pennsylvania. Henry, Jr. died Oct 1801, Hardin County, Kentucky.
    Henry married Hannah DAUGHERTY. Hannah married 2nd Nathan TUCKER, Jr. 23 Feb 1814.
    (See #1 following)

2. Robert FRAKES, born circa 1771, Greene County, Pennsylvania.
    Robert married Catherine LEMLEY.
    (See Chapter 39 in the files section of the Frakes-Frake-Freke Yahoo Group.)
    (See #2 following)

3. Joseph FRAKES, born 6 Jun 1771, Greene County, Pennsylvania.
    Joseph married Eleanor ___?___ .
    (See Chapter 27, #3 in the files section of the Frakes-Frake-Freke Yahoo Group.)
    (Note: A Rush County, Indiana Frakes Family.)

Henry Frakes, Jr.
Greene County, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Hardin County, Kentucky, U.S.A.

Henry FRAKES, Jr.,,
    Henry married Hannah DAUGHERTY. Hannah married 2nd Nathan TUCKER, Jr. 23 Feb 1814.
    From 1786-1793, Henry was in possession of 300 acres of land at the mouth of Dunkard Creek, Greene County, Pennsylvania. That land was titled, "Shiverdefreze." It is translated "horse from Friesland." Friesland was a region on the coast of modern Holland.
    In 1793, Henry FRAKES sold his land to George LEMLEY.
    From 1793-1796, Henry FRAKES was taxed in Old Nelson County, Kentucky.
    In 1799, Henry FRAKES was taxed in Hardin County, Kentucky, on 352 acres.
    In 1799, Henry FRAKES petitioned in court for the establishment of a ferry across Salt River from his land and asked to be ferry-keeper.
    In 1800, the census shows Henry FRAKES living in Hardin County, Kentucky.
    In 1801, Henry FRAKES was taxed in Hardin County, Kentucky for 344 acres.
    In 1801, Henry's will was probated in Hardin County, Kentucky. Hannah, his wife, was named Executrix and son Alexander FRAKES was made heir ot the land with Hannah to have the use of it during her lifetime.
    From 1802-1813, Hannah FRAKES was taxed in Hardin County for 252 acres, while Alexander was still a minor.
    In Oct 1803, Inventory of estate of Hannah FRAKES was taken in Hardin County, Kentucky. Appraisers were Jacob ENSLOW and Nicholas MILLER. (Hardin County Book A, 1792-1809)
    On 19 Oct 1804, Will of Henry FRAKES is entered into probate in Hardin County, Kentucky. Wife is Hannah FRAKES. Son is Alexander FRAKES. Executor is wife Hannah FRAKES. Witnesses: Michael HARGOW, Jacob ENSLOW and Randol SLACK. (Hardin County Book A, 1792-1809)
    In 1810, the census shows Hannah FRAKES living in Hardin County, Kentucky.
    In 1814, Hannah and son Alexander sold their land in Kentucky. Alexander was living in Crawford County, Indiana at the time.
    (See Chapter 27, #1 in the files section of the Frakes-Frake-Freke Yahoo Group.)

Son of Henry, Jr. and Hannah (DAUGHERTY) FRAKES:

1-1. Hannah FRAKES, born 29 Mar 1782, Greene County, Pennsylvania.
    Hannah married Thomas McKEE.

1-2. Cassandra "Cassie" FRAKES, born Greene County, Pennsylvania.
    Cassie married William McKEE 27 Sep 1804. He was the brother of Thomas.
    They settled in Schuyler County, Illinois.

1-3. William FRAKES, born circa 1785, Greene County, Pennsylvania.

1-4. Eleanor FRAKES, born circa 1790, Greene County, Pennsylvania.
    Eleanor married William BURRIS 22 Jun 1811, Hardin County, Kentucky.

1-5. Alexander FRAKES, 1793, Nelson County, Kentucky.
    Alexander married 1st Margaret PEAK.
    Alexander married 2nd Elizabeth DAUGHERTY.
    Alexander moved to Knox County, Illinois then to Linn County, Oregon.
    (See Chapter 30 in the files section of the Frakes-Frake-Freke Yahoo Group.)

1-6. Anna FRAKES, born 18 Jun 1795, Nelson County, Kentucky.
    Ann married William PEAK 18 Jul 1812, Hardin County, Kentucky.
    They settled in Schuyler County, Illinois.

1-7. Dorcas Jane FRAKES, born 8 Apr 1799, Nelson County, Kentucky.
    Dorcas married Robert GREENWELL 12 Aug 1817, Hardin County, Kentucky.

Robert Frakes
Greene County, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Robert FRAKES,, born circa 1767, Greene County, Pennsylvania, son of Henry FRAKES, Sr. (See Chapter 27). Robert died circa 1803, Whiteley Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania.
    Robert married Catherine LEMLEY. She was born circa 1774, Allegeny County, Pennsylvania, daughter of George and Eva Catrina (___?___) LEMELY. Catherine died 11 Apr 1830, Greene County, Pennsylvania. (Note: She could have been born and died in the same general location as the counties were divided and names changed.) Catherine married 2nd Lewis SIX 1810, Greene County, Pennsylvania. He was born 28 Nov 1776. He died 30 Apr 1859.
    In 1800, the census shows Robert FRAKES living in Whiteley Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania. 1 male and 1 female ages 16-25; 2 males and 1 female under the age of 10.
    In 1803, at Robert's death, five minor sons were mentioned, David, George, Henry, John and Robert, Jr. There was also a daughter, but her name was not given.
    The History of Noble County, Ohio - 1887: Page 424: "Following are the names of the owners of lands and houses in Brookfield Township (township 8, range 10) in 1826, taken from the tax duplicate of Morgan County for that year: ...Robert FRAKES, Henry FRAKES, ..." Page 484: "From the tax list of Noble Township for the year 1822, made out by Josiah BURLINGAME, lister, and Lambert NEWTON, appraiser, it appears that the township contained ninety-six property holders, and ninety-nine horses and one hundred and four neat cattle were listed for taxation. Upon this list appear the following names in addition to those upon the poll-book for 1820: ...David FRAKES, Robert FRAKES, George FRAKES..." (Note: The David, George, Henry and Robert FRAKES listed on the tax lists and poll books were John's brothers. They all moved on and settled in Schulyer and McDonough Counties in Illinois.)
    In 1830, the five sons were living in Morgan County, Ohio, (now Noble County, Ohio).

Children of Robert and Catherine (LEMLEY) FRAKES:

2-1. David FRAKES, born 6 Oct 1794, Greene County, Pennsylvania.
    David married Margery ___?___ .
    David settled in Schuyler County, Illinois.
    (See Chapter 39, #1 in the files section of the Frakes-Frake-Freke Yahoo Group.)

2-2. George Riley FRAKES, 19 Jan 1798, Greene County, Pennsylvania.
    George married Catherine ___?___.
    Geroge settled in McDonough County, Illinois.
    (See Chapter 40 in the files section of the Frakes-Frake-Freke Yahoo Group.)

2-3. daughter FRAKES, born 1797/98, Greene County, Pennsylvania. She died young.

2-4. Henry Isaac FRAKES, born 1799, Greene County, Pennsylvania.
    Henry married Mary Ellen "Polly" STONEKING.
    Henry settled in Schuyler County, Illinois.
    (See Chapter 41 in the files section of the Frakes-Frake-Freke Yahoo Group.)

2-5. John FRAKES, born 1800/1801, Greene County, Pennsylvania.
    John married Mary ___?___ .
    John was the only brother to remain in Ohio. Settled in Noble County, Ohio.
    (See Chapter 119 in the files section of the Frakes-Frake-Freke Yahoo Group.)

2-6. Robert FRAKES, Jr., born 1803, Greene County, Pennsylvania.
    Robert married Catherine ROBERTS.
    Robert settled in Schuyler County, Illinois.
    (See Chapter 42 in the files section of the Frakes-Frake-Freke Yahoo Group.)

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